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Three Dales. Our quality Yorkshire meat supplier.

Supporting the local community buying quality, local produce that is farmed in a pristine area of Yorkshire. Get to know the farmers by name !!


'Barncliffe Brie' - "Brie" made in Yorkshire

Were on first names with Danny, the producer of this fine "Yorkshire" Brie.

Porcus - High welfare, free range rare breed pork from the Pennines. Renowned for artisan sausages, incredible dry cured bacon & delicious charcuterie

Masons Yorkshire Gin, made using the traditional Dry london method, slow distilled using Yorkshire water. The first Gin made in Yorkshire

Little Valley Brewery. Brewing knowledge, love & passion since 2005. All beers brewed, bottled & branded high in the Pennine hills.


As a quality caterer, we value our suppliers and take care in knowing where our produce originates. With this in mind, listed below are a few of our main suppliers, as well as using suppliers we get on with, we use as local as possible, be these fantastic Yorkshire cheeses, small breweries, family butchers or other interesting, small and artisan producers.