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sharing boards

An exciting and interactive way to start your celebration. Interesting and quirky choices, served on our handmade Yorkshire Oak sharing boards.


All boards come with olives, sun blushed tomatoes, rocket  and rustic breads*. Just make your choice from the selection below to suit the taste of you and your guests.


*gluten free breads available

Chorizo, Coppa, Homemade chicken Liver Paté, Mozarella, Hummous,

Olives, Sun Blushed Tomatoes


*please note meats on the anti pasto sharing boards may differ from time to time





Ham Hock, Homemade Scotch Egg, Smoked Wensleydale, Homemade Chicken Liver Paté, Olives, Sun Blushed Tomatoes





Selection of homesmoked fish, hot smoked over hickory & herbs, Trout, Mackarel & Salmon, Potted Brown Shrimp, Hummous, Olives, Sun Blushed Tomatoes





Morroccan Spiced Hummous, Grilled Halloumi, Marinated Feta, Baba Ganoush, Flatbreads, Olives, Sun Blushed Tomatoes





Poached Salmon, Crayfish Tails, Potted Brown Shrimp, Smoked Trout Paté,

Olives, Sun Blushed Tomatoes





Ham Hock, Spiced ‘Pulled’ Pork, Chicken Liver Paté, Hummous, Pressed Belly Pork, Olives, Sun Blushed Tomatoes

anti pasto

staple1 staple2 sticky-tape


middle eastern


the catch

the feast

Our menus and what we do:

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