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One word: GIN


A seed planted in my mind, whilst at catering college some hundred years, and many twists and turns, ago… days when the only `celebrity chef` was Keith Floyd, and mobile phones were a distant twinkle in somebody’s eye.


If you are looking for a catering company that is creative, genuinely cares about the quality of their food, and their clients, then you really are in the right place, and in the best of hands. Real food and real people is what we're all about, whether it's a corporate event or a very special wedding.


If you want to know more about what we do, look no further than every meal, every drink, every manager, every chef, every bar staff, every cleaner, every picture, every tune, every smile, conversation and of course every plate of lovingly prepared food. For each element is an important piece of our DNA - reflecting and supporting everything that Eat Me, Drink Me is and strives to be.

it all started with a seed...

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we hope you enjoy it...

You may take that statement with a large pinch of... salt. But there is a truth contained within. Bright as a shiny new penny, you are indeed in safe, honest, caring, enthusiastic and creative hands. And this runs to every pair at work at within our company - be they the bottle washer’s or manager’s – for every one of the team has an important role to play in shaping a person's experience of our work. It’s a responsibility we take seriously.


We are always creating, and strive for the best, for you. Please browse our menus as we tailor them to each event, and adapt them to suit the time of year, but we guarantee quality all year round.                                                                                           ALL IMAGES ON OUR SITE ARE FROM OUR WEDDINGS & EVENTS.

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How you empty your plate is your business, what you empty it of is something we’d like to help you with.


So whether your wallet is drawn to the cheap & cheerful or coughing up a king’s ransom, we believe we can supply a menu to meet your every whim and fancy.


If you require something a little more particular or specialized then please give us a call and discuss it with either myself (Tony), or one of the team. We always love a culinary challenge...


Stomach filled, thirst quenched, what next...?


Then perhaps it is time to pick up the events gauntlet. Select your pen, open your diary/iPad/smart phone/other (delete as applicable) and allow us to advise you on the perfect entertainment partner for your event.


If your event is a delicious sprawl – requiring all involved to loosen their collective belts in a space all of your own. Then bend our ear, we will look to help turn the event you dreamed into a shining reality.


Be it organising a menu tailored to your exact requirements, to theming the venue, or bringing on board entertainment, and all within a budget to suit your needs, working with other like minded companies, we will aim to deliver.


To ensure you never lose sense of ownership of your event we will keep you informed and involved every step of the way. Just pick up the phone, give us a call and speak to one of the team and we will set the whole process in motion.


Looking forward to speaking with you!

the details & other bits

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